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takes desire and organisation

Did you know that the  desire to run with the pack in contrast to standing alone is a safety and survival factors? Did you now that an intensely powerful bonding agent is im play thsat separates different members within the herds seeking to isolate those peoples and drive them out should they not conform to that accepted behaviour? Did you that many people may want to have a complete different than life outcome they have accepted, yet feel too trapped to change their circumstances?

Imagine if they could find a system where to ‘walk a different path’ was the normal and accepted way of life due to a desire and organisation of their own needs, wants and dream focus.

Primarily what it takes is desire and organisation

Knowing you have the desire, that burning desire to do what it takes… is yours and yours alone.  Igniting that desire means you have taken the wick, lite the match, joined the two forces together.

Elixar-Blues-0001 takes desire and organisation
American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues played by Elixir Blues

Some people approach is to test the waters, organise like crazy and slowly encourage the desire to build.  Another is to run forth and light up the sky.

Look at musicians.  Plenty of playing at pubs and clubs. Busking out at markets and on street corners. Then one day they simply are not there.   Are they at some better place? Have they given up? Have they finally made it? Will you miss their energy enough to buy the record? Go to the new place?

For the record here Elixir Blues made it in the musical industry. Internationally and in Australia.

Digital Marketing has a similar approach.

All the ground work, slavish hours, long forgotten and missed appointment go by the

Unleshtherestraints takes desire and organisation
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

wayside when things really start happening.  This is known by many and witnessed by a few selected people.

Are you one of the selected few.

‘Bolder dash’.  No one is selected.  Yes they may be allowed into the very private community of the Six Figure Mentors.  Then they have completed the BootCamp you know that every one of these members meet on the same footing.  This too is reflected in the community approach when it comes to mentoring others.  Meeting up with people in real life through the Gold Convention, the Platinum real life workshops and WOW the Black Member retreats.

This is where 2d digital meet up become real life 3d ones.


That all take Determined Enterprising Actions on your behalf with the complimentary DEA [ Digital Experts Academy BootCamp.  The first is to satisfy your curiosity as to what the JOINTODAYdea-200x200 takes desire and organisationheck is this BootCamp people are talking about.

Now here is a button. People like buttons so I am told therefore here is a button.  Next to this button is

the link you actually need to push.

The invitation to the BootCamp via the Digital Business Lounge.  This allows you  to check out some of the tools and applications available within the Digital Marketing tools side of things.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.


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SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 takes desire and organisation
Susan Lewis knows that the desire and organization to change involves strength of personality, believe and support of the community you are transiting into

trial-650x310 takes desire and organisation
Back To The Top: In the Know! takes desire and organisation to be the same as everyone else.

Sorting out objectives of the dream. This method works.

Did you know that to have a focus you need a dream.Did you know that many people get lost in the end result pipe dream without setting objectives of the dream out clearly?  Did you know that many every day, already working skills may be brought together to achieve the objectives you lay out?.

Imagine what it would be like should you create the objectives of the dream, your own dream.  Allowing you to know what you want to achieve. Showing you the pathway for what is needed to be done in achieving you own focus.

To have objectives of the dream you first need the dream.

Finding that one gold nugget may take time.  Or a BootCamp like the one the Six Figure Mentors run. This is where I finally found my dream again. Where I could actually work on through and

Bootcaponphone-267x400 Sorting out objectives of the dream.  This method works.
Knowledge is like finding a a few gold nuggets. Knowing what to do with that knowledge though is akin to finding the motherload of gold!

know where and how to create a dream.

Recognising, which to do when, is important.   How do you do this?  One way to take a stab at it, draw up great ideas. Print these. Cut them out and after placing them into a container Ask a friend to choose one.  Go do this and repeat the process.

However, there will be odd incidences of things getting repeated.   Now flow, a mess of energy and very little efficiency.

So try this method.

Just take a few days and write down 101 things to do.  Anything. Cut these all into printable message sizes.  Now into one container [ name it] place all the things that may relate to achieving one activity.

Into another do the same.  Should anything be remotely the same … write it out on another piece of paper and place that into a second or third bowl.

Sort them out.  To do this, I simply use the Google Doc Spreadsheet.  Simply as I like it.

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand-186x400 Sorting out objectives of the dream.  This method works.
Similar to Quality over Quantity. Content may be King. However, the Queen rules the show through and Contact and Communication.

Start with a central idea.

This is your focus.  Your dream.  Note you may find this is just one part of a bigger dream. Perfectly acceptable and definitely good to know.

The multiple entries and just one arm of a brainstorm.  One point along that are now is divided into two or three places.  Through all three areas is a highlighted area crossing all three areas.  Simpler with a spreadsheet to do this. Copy and paste. There you have things all layered and laid out for you.

This may take a while to do however what is happening is that you are planning your objectives of the dream out.

And example of a split are may be the single are in your life that wants to be independent.  Say a craft idea has begun to be purchased for.  The idea may be to make gifts as a thank you for someone’s attending a celebration.  Think about what would go into the celebration [ the focus]  in these three areas. Before / during / after .

Get the idea?

Is the celebration part of a family thing, a community thing or a yearly thing open to everyone.  Review time.

Give the system a try while you work through the BootCamp. Organising yourself, time and to a point the every growing family needs as a simple system. Many times used it has worked for over twenty years as a youth and adult member leader we used it to organise camps, activities, yearly programs and district , state and other large or community service events.  As a mother of four growing children needing to go all over the show when we had only one car and limited bu frequencies.  None on Saturday afternoon and through to Monday eight am.  In several micro-business that either I did by myself or the family assisted in again the basic organising system worked.  What needed work on though was me.  Especially after the loss of memory and who I ws in 1991s truck impact.

To help you with sorting out the objectives of the dream you have hidden from you

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Momentum Day

              invitation     <<<

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Sorting out objectives of the dream.  This method works.
Susan Lewis


trial-650x310 Sorting out objectives of the dream.  This method works.
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Don’t Be Shy. Use The Tools.

Don’t be Shy with the Digital Business Lounge Tools. Put the insecurities and fear aside of thinking that it’s just not being able to. The only thing standing in front of you now is getting the information, and results you want.

DigitalBusinessLoungefolder Don't Be Shy. Use The Tools.
Find susanlewisrecommends.com/digitalbusinesslounge this is a step forward with your marketing apps and tools.

Okay then. This is a virtual representation – from my creative fingers!.  Well actually all that was needed was to become a member of the Digital Business lounge.  That involved being prepared to place $2,000 on the table for the mentoring, education, training and upskilling that would come with this membership – let alone  the marketing tools that are bundled together “under one roof” of the Digital Experts Academy.

Sounds a lot right.  Maybe it is just among the another things to consider before you actually read any further.

Instead of boring people with what they can receive in exchange for knowing they will be Marketing-tools-400x320 Don't Be Shy. Use The Tools.using these applications and marketing tools within a relatively small while.  Right here is the link to the list of what is available.

Secondly here is a link

< <of the landing page.>>  >

On the bottom half of the landing page are snippets of information presented in a very visual manner. Clicking on the snippets brings up more information.

I-want-I-want-these-marketingtoolsnow Don't Be Shy. Use The Tools.

On a personal note for many years what I wanted was help.  Googling for the answers to the questions took precious time chunks out of my days. Equating this loss of time with a financial negative vortex actually meant nothing.  There was nothing to compare it with.

One day just blended into another. Money was tight, dreams were there, the direction was lost somewhere in between.

So through the BootCamp was something that I should have done years go.

Why go through a BootCamp just to gain access to the marketing tools.  The answer is that the best applications are the actions you take once your mind is focused on the dream you have yet to clarify.  Simply you want access to

Unleshtherestraints-267x400 Don't Be Shy. Use The Tools.
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

these applications and tools  then become worthwhile for the use of them.

Secondly, during your the process of going through the Bootcamp your definition of where you are doing is defined.  You create the path to your dream. A good percentage of the strategies will involve campaigns.  One of which is the Digital Marketing Campaigns these apps and tools are best utilized for. The one that


Well. That’s it for today’s post.  In short, some of those tools you were wanting to know about that are used in this post just before publishing are: The Tidy URL application, GraphixCreator, The theme, WordPress101.

Once published there are more to use.  Which one?  come through the BootCamp and don’t be shy as you remember to ask me then.  Showing you will be a very happy day for all concerned.  Therefore, I will be taking your inquiry as a compliment.


Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.



Keep on with that smile for a long while


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Don't Be Shy. Use The Tools.
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Don't Be Shy. Use The Tools.

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