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Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action

A sales funnel is about the viewers choice to choose to take active action. Fair enough. Agree with me that people around the world should not disallow a choice for another human being!

Now, what is the marketers choice?

There are two. Just two.

Bootcaponphone-267x400 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action
Knowledge is like finding a a few gold nuggets. Knowing what to do with that knowledge though is akin to finding the motherload of gold!

The pivot point between the two is purely up to the marketers themselves.

Okay here is the explanation.  The name of this site is Susan Lewis [ my name] Marketing.  Interesting choice of word there as, what was I marketing when the domain name was chosen?  Actually, at that point I did not know. Had something to do with the Bootcamp I was currently exploring at the time.

Right through to now with a Call To Action [CTA] blockage being sorted out. Hence  a marketers worse nightmare is doing all the preparatory work and finding themselves unable to place Call To Actions within posts.  You will however find CTA’s this post!

What I did know was the effect of utilizing some of these products available.  Of participating in things that I know about in name only.  Knew they worked solely because here I was, like countless others doing the same things.  Challenging myself to go where  had not completly gone before.

Not quite the Spock and Star Trek wording.  However, the wording is there because of something that has been a while in getting to this point.

High Functioning Autism has many affects.  One is overwhelm.  Which to many looks just Make-mistakes-3d-tv-a-400x400 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active actionlike dithering and not making a choice.  Another is wanting to be perfect.  As good as can because you know there is only one chance at doing something.  “WRONG” .  Very not right.  Look at the number of time it took to make the initial light bulb.  A lifetime of work rolled up into a little mercury-based glowing filament.
Even this end product has had a change.  No more mercury. Due to a conscience buying public.

What has this history got to do with marketing?

Bear with me.  Last year I came to a sudden stop, came off my pushbike and promptly, was airborne, landing in a drainage ditch.  Subsequent unnoticed injuries arose.  Primarily when I was in Sydney attending the Inaugural Six Figure Momentum Day combined with the Digital Experts Academy  Gold and Platinium Workshops.

One the last day before everything go underway I began to run down a hill.  My Choice. Ligament challenges then occurred.  At a break during the day woman from Brisbane came past later. Laid her hands upon my leg. Calling on Jesus to heal.

Now you know that when things like this happen there are background issues to deal with.  Medically the desired healing removes all the ‘yuck’ from the system.  There was a lot to remove.

big-tick-167x200 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active actionThat was nine months ago.

Marketing is more than one funnel – as well as life’s challenges.

Pre a vehicle in 1991 one of our sons had hearing challenges.  These all revolved around an issue that at the time no one could then figure out.  Turns out that a few days ago he informed me of lactose intolerance.  OOPS, that’s heridaritry. This son got a double dose.

The explanation of the hearing challenges, subsequent learning difficulties, boils down to this sentence.

“It’s as though there is a blockage The information is having to trickle through. Once the information is through then everything is okay. No problems”.

You could say the same goes for the healing of my leg.  There were learning issues from being a High Functioning Autistic yes.

However, there were good flows of learning energy around and through the initial BootCamp, right through the last fifteen months.  So what was causing the discord?

Those trickles were what needed to be sorted out. The blockages required to be sorted out.

Analysing where things are at

Technically things on the site were alright.  Compliance took a big chunk out of every day for a few months.

The writing was okay.  Some short ones and others not so short.  This is a not so short post.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action
Welcome to this ever increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

This morning through a Marketing couple from the Six Figure Mentors Community  were hosting a Cocktail Call. What caught my attention were several things.

The  mention that one wrote short posts and the other long posts. The short posts were straight to the point and told you exactly what you were getting.  The long posts steered the reader down the road so that they could have the choice to choose.

Over the last few months, the awareness of doing both came trough.  The shorter posts make things like loading far easier for the mobile phones and other modern appliances.

Yeah, the visuals are okay.

Using the tools of the marketing tools Digital Business Lounge was terrific. Follow the steps easy to use and worth their weight in the “Gold Level learning” while.

At the other end of the whole ‘cher-bang’ the Social media sharing well this was something that I know how to do!

Another mention was the targeting niche of “Baby Boomers”.  Of which I am one.  A chance comment made was that of “would rather remove the ‘baby’ word and just Boom”.

Reached-a-slow-point-yet-1-200x200 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action
Reached that Slow Point Again

This comment niggled its way out and was annoying me all day.
“What was I being a baby about my marketing actions with regard to Calls For Action for?  Was I at that preventable “Slow Point” just before a complete grinding halt stop occurred?

The Digital Business Lounge had the tools. The Digital Experts Academy had the training levels. And the Six Figure Mentors Bootcamp Introductions and really got me sorting out just who I was. Where I was going. The stages and strategies by which to do the things I wanted to achieve within the Bucket list created.

Yet there was one primary thing challenging me.

This morning I walked the dog for over five kilometers.  The rain came down. The sun came up. There I was with a big long outback coat on, a bright pink hat and a colourful

sox-looking-out-for-you-no-2j-301x400 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action
Sox is Looking out for you too

multi-rainbow coloured umbrella, and boots upon my feet. Yet at one stage came the memory of a child’s feet wearing flattened coke drink plastic bottled jandals [ aka as slip slops or thongs]. I had a choice. Did they? Who was looking out for these people?

And an ever growing awareness of trouble brewing in the leg ligaments.  Arriving home I cancelled the doctors appointment and at one thirty-five pm went to sleep.

I had the privilege that many others do not in this world.  I could rest my leg. Thus naturally allowing the pain awareness to subside.

Just on going to sleep I asked “for help” to work this marketing thing out.  What was it that was blocking me from going forward.  I will write this again.  What was it I was allowing to block me. And Zonk! I was out for a few hours.


Keep reading to find out the choice to take Active action chosen

The result is this post.  However there another result was written on a piece of A3 paper.

These are the words written as the major mind shift had come through during the sleep time.

 JOINTODAYdea-200x200 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action“How can I say I am helping other people IF I do not allow them the opportunity tomake and take their own actions.

This is what a “Call to Action” actually is.  Then being given the chance to choose an Action to take.

Good marketing is the chance to choose to choose to do.”

What a marketer does is provide the “gateway” between the ‘viewers holding pen’ of the initial funnel choice ie reading this post.

Further ” With a Call to Action in situ then it’s the viewers decision.  Their choice to choose such a terrific way a creating social worth, life flexibility, as well as awesome life experience possibilities. And that is what opening the gate to the BootCamp is in a nut shell.


In bright green ink that goes around the page is this:

No Call to Action means a selfishness on the marketers behalf.

Am I that selfish as to deny someone their freedom to choose to take action?

SixFigureMentorsman Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action
Introducing the Six Figure Mentors

Therefore, it stands to logical reason that “Calls To Action” to be there. Marketing a lifestyle change, learning, skills, education, technological acceptance, even self-acceptance of who you really are, what you are capable of is a problem-solving experience. Made attractive to the people in need for them to then take direct action steps to solving their own challenges. 

Look from this point in time it stands to reason the following.  Why am I denying other people the chance to sleep through and off their pain in the middle of the day?  Why am I not one of the one showing others that there is another was to get through the pains of life.

It Is Your Choice To Take Active Action!

susanlewisrecommends.com/digitalbusinesslounge Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-upwards-from-the-right-200x200 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action

marketing tools link. Having all the tools under one roof and right at your finger-tips as this link displays, well can you beat it? As well as learning how to find the best within you [the BootCamp] is a big find. As you will be an Elite Member of the SFM or above  the back up three types of training is there.  The  Basic Curriculum Training, Elite Curriculum training, Digital Skills Platform [Microlearning], weekly workshops with, of corse the community forms, groups and there is so much with-in this clink Click and find out for yourself.

Further more the barrier of self-limitation has just been favorably unhinged.  The closed door to the tracking challenge has been removed and placed into the incinerator of life’s negative blocks. And look the house of ‘marketing cards’ still stands.

In total, these have not been an off the cuff choices.  There comes a point where a person needs to choose to do something because they want to.

In this case, I choose to have a choice to take Active action to both track then share this information around. And you have chosen to read this far.
Keep on with that smile for a long while


trial-650x310 Choose To Have A Choice To Take Active action


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