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Inspire, educate and empower with a digital detox

Have you ever wondered what it would be like just to digitally detox for a couple of days. Like go totally without being connected to a computer chip in any way, shape of form? For a whole week. Even for ten minutes. Basically to disconnect to reconnect with your world or the pathway you actually want to be on.

Rest assured there is nothing for sale. No quick purchase of quick fix. Just nothing

That is in itself a detox situation. A piece in time where you reconnect to you, you have possibly hidden away. Tucked away where you can quietly smile and silently laugh so that no-one see or hears you. Your presence is just a small blip on the life screen.

This is an extraordinary time in human history. Yet in this life in the digital age things are far from ideal. Workplaces, schools, demands of the family, Timetables, commitments, traffic flows. Where is the “where is me time?’. Many people have in their youth burning desires of things to do, places to go, people to meet. Did these wished ever get done? Take a few days where you can during those days and create that bucket list all over again. Once you have that personal bucket list convert it to a business bucket list. Your business is a part of you, The values held, the outlook or a particular viewpoint they are all there. Incorporated through and into your business. Especially when that business is either a micro-business like a start-up or a small business.

You may find people that know it all. Possibly once were in your place. Or dreaming really big who let their world crumble. The world did crumble for many. Kodak the camera and photo developing business had not taken into consideration how quickly the digital camera and associated apps would undermine generations of firm foundations. Then the 2008 World Financial crash occurred. Once more bankruptcy later and another global icon bit the dust. Strangely some of the strangest micro-businesses did grow. Their business structure had a focus. Part of that discussion would have included a set of goals to achieve. That those goals were a bucket list not many people have connected with.

Other times though things happen and people find they cannot cope just yet. Sometimes allowing themselves to get just so fixated on staring out into the screen as daily lives go past. Closing off to the real world is a necessity. And slowly this real world may get overridden into always being connected into the computer system. Many people believe that the Terminator was just the beginning of the determinated. Ask yourself how far “Computer Bot” like have you allowed yourself to become?

The little things become common place. Ask yourself can you still count the change you are given at the counter? Do you just blindly accept the change is right cause the computer told me so via the check out person. Yes to err is human. Temptation is a human tendency. So it is to believe that a digital detox is just the brake needed?

Time to get another few things off and out of the way from that bucket list right? Well that takes action. To have the digital lifestyle takes determination, grit, get up and go with guidance , new skills, interconnected knowledge base and a wide variety if education applications, human interconnection and self-knowledge. Once you have redefined what it means to be reconnected to yourself, family environment, your dream becomes a journey focus.

Come on through the boot camp and know that the next Digital Detox will be a time to take deep breaths just because you can.




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