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Praxis Pro-Active Producing Smile Action Applications

Smiles are free just like a released floating balloon
Smiles are free just like a floating balloon

Thank you for wanting a small remonder to smile every so often.


Be aware that there is a “Receiving one smile coming in” alert about to happen. Are you ready to share that wonderful smile of yours yet? Time for Praxis Pro-Active Producing Smile Actions to occur… now.

Smiles influencing other people are Priceless. One upon a time they arrive within your life.

Your smiles is a precious thing to share.


And so what is asked of you is to help multiply the smiles in people’s lives.  Let them share “To Smile is…”  Add the smiles grow so too will the pages within the book cover.


The front cover a an everexpaning book where smiles are lurking waiting to pounce to share their gift
This book could well be contagious. The contents within are to always be growing. As you enjoy the smiles presence please brighten someone else’s day by sharing the pages. Thank you

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Keep on with that smile for a long while


Saying hello to you as you measure your journey
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Dare To Be The Best You Can And Smile

At an early age my mother once told me to ” Dare to be different as you smile”. And so the stage was set for life. Agree with me. Being hired because of smile and a dare to be different was definitely a weird scenario.  Yet, to some extent a large lingering lesson from earlier times had  been reinforced.

Smile. The action of release engages the inner child. No matter how old you feel, how shattering your day, look for the smile.

Smile. Dare to be the best you can. Share your smile
Balloons, Butterflies and children float around looking for a smile

“At all Times Dare to Be”  the one who starts the migration of the smile.

Dare to be the best you can be.

So many people have past by the smallest of uplifting experiences.

Given up hope of ever again having a smile touch the lips of an angel land upon their face.

The dark of the gloom leaves when the soft breeze of the butterfly wings graces their day.

A child you see from the caterpillar comes a emerges a butterfly.

Until the time a child knows that from the caterpillar emerges a butterfly they live in wonder.

Where too would a balloon float  too.  Is there a balloon heaven somewhere out, in these galaxies?  How far the older knowledge has changed?

Yet, in their innocence they dare to question the sameness of their world.

As  adults sometimes the loss may be felt as we wonder “Where have all the smiles gone?” Did they float away too?

Until a smile is released.  Dare to come your way with the lightest touch of grace, innocence and wonder.

And Smile

Everywhere you go. Everyone you talk too needs a Smile. Dare to stand out. Let the world see you both smile and, as Steve Maraboli one stated, “At all times dare to be”. Especially as you smile.


Interested in reading about how to share a smile? Then dare to be different  and  Smile as you Click Here

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