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Bring on the smile… Just one little smile

Bring on the smile

Just a simple smile has a universal energy all of their own. Honest-to-goodness people may choose to not recognize the impact of a smile. Bring on the smile.

Thinking there is nothing to ‘it’ means that smile, that rare and precious, genuine, ghost of a smile has been diminished.

When you are really, a simple adulterated smile even taps into and distributes energy Smiles have a universal energy all of their ownwithin. Lightening up the world Creating that part of time sparkly, tingly. Leaving behind an electrified vibrancy zapped with pleasure

Like the touch of sunbeams coming through a mist to being to smile has caused this minor miracle to remember that the “he’s begun to relax” muscles within the brain to  acknowledge one got away. Lock up the face muscles, tie down the personality, operate in neutral. Squash any follow through.

That smile to be a blip on the face. Stretching into a dimple on the cheek and laughter lines around the eyes.

People need not hear the sound of the simple. There is not sound. Stealth of being combined with wealth of living. An ‘I’m outta here’ dive across the finish line just occurs. No warning and no welcome. The time is right .

The bursting forth of the smile on the dial is the combination to the escape code. The sound of the effects however of a smile imprinting itself where ever there is a landing place will just be there like the air that passes through a powerful gossamer flap of the butterfly’s wings. Soft, gentle and freely dispersed.

Genuine articles will artlessly travel the world in a flash. You miss it once. Unaffected that smile will be back.. There is no catching, and maintaining worries with the sincere variety.

The false smile will get weighted down. Like a car on blocks…. It ain’t going anywhere fast.

That simple smiles the key to the connecting of all the rest of the emotions. The glue to the jigsaw puzzle of life is to bring on the smile. That innocent simple little smile

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