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American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues Arrived

American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues were floating through the air at the Port Albert Market on Sunday.

Elixar-Blues-0001-200x200 American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues Arrived
American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues played by Elixir Blues

At one point an observation was made “How old would that child be?”… “About three ” came back the reply. Interestingly enough standing there was a child with blond hair. As this child became familiar with a real life singer they relaxed. Now on tv, through videos and play groups, children of this age are used to following dance and movement instructions.

Yet, here was a real life 3D entertainer suggesting that they tap their feet. Slowly the connection between real life and the freedom of movement became associated. Watching first one foot, and then the other lead the legs, and finally the mind, into having this expression permission , was a wonderful thing to witness.

“That is the kind of thing that could well change a child’s life” came the comment.

Port Albert Market was extremely lucky as through the day the natural voiced  was just sailing through the air. The feeling of the American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues definitely came as the banjo was played. [ type of banjo escapes me] Reminding the listeners of touching base with the earth, the air and the sea. All of which Port Albert Has become famous for this last one hundred and fifty years. While the voice was tickling the ears and strumming the heart beats along. the feet of all began to tap. Preceded by Elixir’s booted feet upon the two wooden box based drums. Then came the harmonica inclusion.

The range of C.D’s on sale show the versatility of what Elixia Blues is capable with. Many of the self written songs included.

Elixir Blues had spent a few hours the previous evening jamming at a the Yarram Theater. After the market, the Port Albert Pub were having an impromptu get together.

As the day progressed stall holders were able to catch a moment to talk to each other. Everyone, market vendors and public, thoroughly enjoyed being able to hear the life within the music as the sun shone and like the music the day unfolded.

Check out the Facebook pages of “Elixir Blues” and “Elixir Blues Band Page”.


sue-150-x-150 American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues Arrived
Susan Lewis

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Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia

A simple request. What is Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia.

Elixia-Blues-touring-vrehicle-jpeg-200x150 Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia
Wanted Elixia Blues Dream Touring Vehicle a Vehicle like this
  • Truck specifications:
    I am looking for are approx 4 – 5 ton GVM. turbo diesel,
  • air conditioning power steering
  • living quarters.
  • Roll out annexe
  • storage compartments to house double batteries etc, solar panels, generator and 12 volt facilities.
  • 4 – 6 cylinder engine, Chain or belt driven engine. Manual or automatic gearbox
  •  As to brand …. Fiat, Mercedes Benz, or Iveco.
  •  Any colour will do preferably not black
  • A  walk through from the box at back into drivers seat
  • Tow hitch up to 4.5 ton would be handy too.
  • A model say from 2005 onwards.

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sue-150-x-150 Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia
Susan Lewis

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2 “q’s Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results

Effective and efficient marketing has pivotal point to its balance

Be Aware Of The Two Sides To Measure when taking your message out there.  Provide avenues to allow you to engage with people.

 Effective and efficient marketing results take on the qualitative as well as the quantitative measures. That is how many ‘goods” are sold with the feedback as well as the conversations through the social and real life  media being monitored.

nosweataboutit-200x47 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

For instance, how many people on the newsletter list compared to how many people are sharing while also having read and actioned the messages themselves.

In the case of this newsletter, let us look at what this means when syndicating. Qualitative feedback would be:

  • The pub was overflowing.frustrated-and-overwhelmed 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results
  • Advanced bookings just kept coming in.
  • The progress association had decided to have a market beforehand on the day of the activity.
  • The town’s hotel rooms became full.
  • More townsfolk were ‘casually’ employed the forty-eight hours either side of the event.
  • The public toilets ran out of toilet paper.
  • Extra portable toilets were brought in at last minute, and the list goes on.
  • The reach of the newsletter has exceeded expectations
  • The impact and reverberations of the information within the newsletter has a butterfly effect

These things actually have happened when syndicating relevant information to ‘information hungry’ followers. Go ahead.  Help create a hungry following.

Any one of these is just one reason the newsletter [apply on the side of the screen here] is offered. Read, action, attend. Once a newsletter subscriber becomes involved things happen. The contact message you include will even be opened, read and shared amongst their friends.  This is the same for any business.  Word of mouth has a powerful reach capacity.

  1. Join the newsletter [Use your newest email or make another one just for this information]
  2. Read posts.
  3. Take Action and participate in the discussions.
  4. Put forward your opinions.
  5. Share your views with others you know.

trial-650x310 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results
These actions are part of what is called the Marketing Push / Pull effect. Particularly relevant to Social Media Marketing as the people out there get to know what it is you have given a comment on to be included in the post. Most  people enjoy good meaning online social communications.

Reflect on the power of sharing and sharing well. Consider that all this online stuff is getting you heard through the internet.

Spread this Extraordinary  Newsletter Idea like a word of mouth wildfire.

Become a part of the effective and efficient marketing results team happening now.

Does this post meet with your expectations?

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results


Susan Lewis

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