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How do you measure your journey today?

Measure your journey.

First you need to know where you are heading to. What is there to measure your journey

that give a clear sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

The journeys measurement process  happens two ways.  A qualitative and a quantitative measurement process  where people see measurements from a qualitative measurement.  Seems as a very logical step as this is what people use as a stepping stone

When you have a dream that lays the path as a set of step by step processes measuring  the journey what happens?   You have a  step by step blueprint.

Sorting out the ‘self’ while learning digital marketing is a challenge. Becoming independently self sustainability. My gift to the world becoming an authority ion the subject and getting through the day to day activities time and space has been collapsed.  Even though there is a ten year plan the opportunity to move from a traditionally economical view point and into the digita  Taking advantage of the digital economy this dream is now on fast forward.l

Measuring the missions and the mindset stepping stones.

How much you want to take that path is that something that will drive you. One step at a time.  Therefore setting out a one month step process, a 6 month even a three year to ten year plan sets the milestones for reaching the dream.

These qualitative results are considered ‘airy fairy’ by many as to measure these results there is no hard and fast way to be able to measure the results. Take time to set review processes in place.  Note that  at times there will be things that were unexpected. Follow and notate what they are and where these are going over time.  These are some of the qualitative

I know my ten year plan.

Very qualitative.  To be on two levels.  A time out space in real world.  A digital world space.

This is for the Autistics – specifically the High Functioning Autistics. Enabling the acceptance of themselves, their exponential gifts.  Incorporating social behaviour moderation.

Offering a space within a space where the learning of their, and the  self  acceptance their haywire energy levels is able to encapsulated for their own social safety.

Knowing this there are now quantitive actions to now start, then to complete.

You ask why it is that I am taking my dream to market?

Being an Autistic person myself there was many things that were not understood  within my life.   So many psychological things  The Maslows hierarchy of needs was something that was introduced through a basic course of human studies.

One basic need within that hierarchy is that of being able to self regulate and have consistency within and out of the self. Being out of balance is something that many Autistics have constantly to cope with.  This behaviour affects stability impacting further on the what and where the life path is taking them.  Rather than go round in circles why not go round in circles climbing the mountain towards the dream?

Taking this dream to market needs action. Needs you to measure the journey.  This site is one strategy used to get there.  Soon there will be a newsletter as well. Campaigns for micro financing towards the dream.  These are some of the stepping stones along the road towards the achievement of this dream.

Reach out and join in.  Create your own path, take action.. and take money producing actions.  Get there.

There to has the opportunity to have a journey with which to  measure your journey. And my journey has been a blessing that has many levels of gratitude. 


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